Pond Perfect – Testimonials and Reviews

See What These Pond Professionals Say About PondPerfect for Garden Ponds

From Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, Ray Miller, Bay Village, OH

“PondPerfecthas improved the condition and clarity of our ponds and the results are PHENOMENAL! We receive compliments regularly along with many inquiries as to what products we use to achieve such impressive results. We are happy to say that without the products from Aquatic BioControl, we would have just another pond. Thanks for a great product.”

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center is a regional center of excellence that features a planetarium, wildlife rehabilitation, more than 100 live animals on exhibit and a wide variety of educational offerings. The $1.2 million non-profit organization employs 40 people and annually serves more than 180,000 children and adults. Bay Village, OH

From Brian Kuchinski, Peaceful Ponds, Charlotte, NC

My company, Peaceful Ponds, uses this product exclusively in all of our ponds and it works great. I have a customer that has not had a pond cleaning in two years because of regular use of Pond Perfect. Pond Perfect keeps our ponds so clean that you can swim in it... and we do

From Scott Ruff, Ruff Waters, Omaha NE

“We sell in 20 cities around Omaha, NE and have used PondPerfect for 5 years now. It solves all of my client's pond problems (water clarity, odor, and sludge). The All Purpose idea is fantastic, and it works. My customers no longer worry about what product to use. PondPerfect does it all. I recommend this product without reservation.”

From Tom Vara, Owner, Liquid Assets, Bonita Springs, FL

“I must say that what I love the most about PondPerfect is that it is cost effective for me and my customers. All of my customer’s ponds are always crystal clear. My customers thank me over and over again for offering PondPerfect.”

From Craig Grip, Living Waters Garden Market, Edgewood, WA

“Pond Perfect is the best bacteria for the buying buck!”

From Jeremiah Mock, Mock Property Services, Tallmadge, OH

“I've been in landscape design and owned a retail store for 13 years. Many of my customers had ponds that needed help. After trying other pond products, I settled on PondPerfect. Anyone can use it correctly, and it works great. I strongly recommend PondPerfect.”

Jacki Peeler, Henson Robinson Zoo, Springfield, IL

“It is great to have an environmentally safe product that works as advertised. Your PondPerfect knocked out our pond odors fast and even reduced the sludge issues that we had. I am pleased to say that PondPerfect is a fabulous product”.

Large Pond / Farm Pond Treatment

From Te Papa Atawhai, Department of Conservations, New Zealand

“Treatment with PondPerfect and EcoSocks in the 1.5 acre duck pond proceeded according to your projections. Your ComboPacks have successfully restored the ”Duck Pond” to outstanding water quality.

All foul odors have been eliminated. Wildlife in and around the dam is more robust, plentiful and diverse than in recent memory. We are thankful for PondPerfect / EcoSock ComboPacks, which have proven to be a natural, non-toxic, easy to use, and extremely effective means of improving water quality.”

From Steve Amos, Site Mananger, Johnson Controls / Pfizer Inc, 8 Acre Lake in Lincoln, Nebraska

“We used PondPerfect Large Pond Treatment beginning May 4,The odor problems are completely gone”.

From Mike Hawley, Sligo Golf Course, Rockville, MD

“I love the clarity PondPerfect provides for my ponds. It knocks out pond odors fast. I strongly recommend this product.”

From Robert Townsend, Quality Turf Management, Carson City, NV

“I am very experienced inall types of pond management, and PondPerfect really performs. I highly recommend it.”

From Tom Green, Country Club of Orangeburg, Orangeburg, SC

“We use this in all our problem ponds. PondPerfect keeps our intake filters clean. It saves many hours of maintenance time and I regret not using it sooner!”

From Tony Stepka, St. Clair River Country Club. St. Clair, MI

“Pond odors were gone within a week of adding PondPerfect. It’s a great product for stopping pond odor. Your PondPerfect product definitely worked well on our sludgy ponds.”

From Art Fichas, Ridgemont Country Club. Rochester, NY

“I got good results with PondPerfect for clearing up my ponds. The product worked very well. PondPerfect helped a lot in reducing pond odors. I recommend it.”

From John Cooper, Hewood Homstead Golf Course. Rockford, IL

“I have used PondPerfect in our ponds since 2005, and it has worked well each and every year. That is a great track record. PondPerfect stops foul pond odors. No question about it.”

From John Wahl, Lakewood Golf Course. Georgetown, OH

“I liked the way PondPerfect worked…even in my very shallow ponds. PondPerfect did a great job stopping our pond odors.”

From Dan Kik, Thorn Apple Golf Club. Kalamazoo, MI

“I really like the PondPerfect product. Environmentally sound….  Odor control with PondPerfect is excellent. Pond odors are stopped fast. Yes, the PondPerfect really digested sludge. It saved plenty of maintenance time.”

From Chuck Fogle, University Golf Club & Conference. University Park, IL

“I recommend this product because it is easy to use, and I love the beautiful, clear ponds I have with PondPerfect. PondPerfect stopped foul odors in our static ponds. That is a huge benefit.

Definitely, PondPerfect reduces sludge in our ponds.”

From John Balinitine, Lacoma Golf Course. East Dubuque, IL

“Whenever we had foul pond odors, they were quickly eliminated with PondPerfect. We see excellent sludge reduction in our golf ponds with this product”.

From Bill Springsirth, Cluster Spires Golf Course. Frederick, MD

“I love the fact that it works so well without being toxic. I have seen excellent odor reduction in my ponds. PondPerfect is great stuff. The sludge reduction from PondPerfect Golf Pond Treatment is a great benefit. It works as advertised.”

From Paul Schaefer, Prairie Isle Golf Club. Crystal Lake, IL

“PondPerfect worked very well in our small ponds. I recommend it strongly.”

From Bernie Beavan, Brenton Bay Golf & Country Club. Leonardtown, MD

“We used PondPerfect for algae and it worked as advertised. I recommend this product. PondPerfect eliminates pond odors as advertised. Sludge digestion was great with your PondPerfect product.”

From Robert Cambell, Green Tree Country Club. Midland, TX

“I can depend on PondPerfect to clear the problems up straight away. It’s a very good product. PondPerfect does a very good job reducing sludge in my ponds.”

From Brad Roush, Valley View Golf & Swim Club. Lancaster, OH

Your Golf Pond Treatment has worked great in my ponds. I recommend it. PondPerfect stopped the foul pond odors that have been a nuisance for years. It really keeps the filters working much longer, which means less maintenance.”

From Richard, Pine Lake Country Club. Charlotte, NC

“I recommend it highly as easy to use, reasonably priced, and very effective.”

From Keith Scaife, Loudon Meadows Golf Club. Fostera, OH

“Your product works really well. For me, it keeps the algae out of sight. Your product absolutely eliminates pond odors. Thank you for providing an excellent tool for odor control. Using this product keeps my intake filters clean. It really cuts down on maintenance hours.”

From Hall Atkinson, Chester Golf Club. Chester, SC

“I am very impressed. Your PondPerfect product quickly stops foul pond odors. No doubt about it, PondPerfect gets rid of sludge build up in my ponds.”