Ultrasonic Algae Control

Ultrasonic Algae Control before and after

March 2020 before Installation

June 2020 after Installation

Control Green Algae and Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae) Without Chemicals - Ultrasonic Algae Control

Hydro BioScience ultrasonic algae control uses no chemicals and has proven to be effective in tanks, lakes, reservoirs and more. It’s been successfully used at power plants, golf courses, botanical gardens, water and wastewater treatment plants, marinas, and other personal and commercial installations. It lowers pH and TSS!

Floating just below the surface, the device operates 24-hours a day providing coverage for up to 17 acres for green algae and up to 124 acres for blue green algae, depending on species and conditions.

Multiple units can be installed for larger applications. They is easy to install, requires almost no maintenance and uses less than 18 watts of power.

The units are available in a range of sizes and can be used individually or as multiples for larger water bodies or to fill in areas where signal shading is experienced.

The Hydro BioScience device, like all ultrasonic devices, is a “line of sight” technology. Ultrasonic sound waves will not go around corners or navigate around islands that may be in your body of water, affecting the efficiency of algae control in ponds and lakes. In such circumstances, additional units are used to cover the “blind spots”. Ultrasonic sound waves reflect or bounce off hard surroundings, such as concrete, rip-rap, and large rocks (see below).

Ultrasonic Alage Control
Pond Algae Control

The Hydro BioScience ultra sonic devices are suitable for use in remote areas as their low energy requirements allow them to be powered using solar photovoltaics.

ULtrasonic Algae Control Units installed at Bewl Water reservoir


Hydro BioScience Information Sheets

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AWE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LTD. are an approved distributor for Hydro BioScience LLC products in the UK and Ireland.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on Ultrasonic Algae Control UK  - Algae control without Chemicals.

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Andrew Daniells

We’ve used the AWE Ultrasonic units for the past three seasons with excellent results.

Bewl rents three units from AWE these are strategically placed in the reservoir each year towards the end of March operating until removal in late September.

Installing the units any later enables the Blue/Green algae to establish a growth foothold in the rapidly warming water. Three units cover the main basin and activity area of Bewl Waters 800 acres of water.

Ultrasonic Algae Control   - Algae control without Chemicals.