About AWE Environmental Services

“AWE Environmental Services, enhancing and accelerating natural

Through a shared passion for delivering whole sustainable solutions to environmental problems, AWE Environmental Services Ltd was created.

After working for many years in the water, waste treatment, contaminated land, industrial air monitoring, horticultural and eco-technology sectors, we decided to fuse together their combined expertise to deliver complete, sustainable solutions to their customers.

We didn't want to be yet another company that would sell a limited range of unsupported technical “bandaids” to patch up the symptoms often created by underlying causes. We wanted to offer a services that identified the causes of problems, as well as providing the most sustainable and cost effective long term solutions.

We are proud to say that we try our utmost to go the extra mile in helping our clients to understand the causes and implications of their problems, as well as helping them discover the best options possible.

Where possible we can help our customers to transform the problem and/or the solution into something positive for their business. An example of this would be the use of biological filters to transform the the contaminants in fishery waters to produce saleable crops hydroponically.

Our registered office is at A W E Environmental Services Ltd. Unit 18 Manor Crescent, Hawarden, Deeside, United Kingdom, CH5 3PS

We are company number 12116849 registered in England and Wales