Welcome to A W E Environmental Services

AWE Environmental manage the causes of environmental problems, not just the symptoms. We work closely with our clients to achieve success through the use of innovative nature based and sustainable treatment technologies and systems, along with properly targeted monitoring and consultancy.

Our Main Services

Ultrasonic Algae Control

Algae Control without chemicals.

Blue Green Algae Test Kits

Check for toxic blue-green algae in swimming waters or water used in saunas


Bacteria for controlling elevated nutrients in water and soil.

Smart Water Quality Monitoring

SolaRaft-iQM™  designed specifically to provide real time, solar powered, water analysis


Aquaponics is the fusion of aquaculture and hydroponics. As a growing system, it holds much promise for the production of edible fish and vegetables with out chemical input.


Efficient aeration for the raising of dissolved oxygen levels in ponds and lakes.

Kind Words

Andrew Daniells

We’ve used the AWE Ultrasonic units for the past three seasons with excellent results.

Bewl rents three units from AWE these are strategically placed in the reservoir each year towards the end of March operating until removal in late September.

Installing the units any later enables the Blue/Green algae to establish a growth foothold in the rapidly warming water. Three units cover the main basin and activity area of Bewl Waters 800 acres of water.



Following the team spending 2 days working in my woodland I will definitely recommend this company.

They have been punctual, very hard working, getting a tricky job done efficiently and tidily.

They have also made very helpful suggestions for improving my garden pond and with the work they've done in and around the pond this has improved its look with clearer water and new marginal plants planted around it.

Ultrasonic Algae Control and Water Treatment Consultants