Blue Green Algae Test Kits

Blue Green Algae Test Kits UK

The BlueGreenTest® allows you to check for toxic blue-green algae in swimming waters or water used in saunas.

The kit includes three test bags and three pairs of disposable gloves.
Each bag contains a sampling container, pipette and an analysis slide.
Additionally, you need a clean bucket or other large container to collect the water to be tested.

Testing is quick and easy

Fill the sampling container with water. A chemical reaction will take place which will heat up the container.
Leave the container to stand for 10 minutes, then use the pipette to draw some of the water from the container and place a drop of the water into the aperture in the analysis slide.
The test result will be ready in 5 minutes. Depending on the result, one or two lines will appear in the analysis window.
> 1 line at C = no blue-green algae toxins detected
> 2 lines = blue-green algae toxins detected.

More detailed instructions are provided inside the kit.


If you experience any irritation or sensitivity symptoms when using the water being tested, stop using the water even if the result is negative. For example, when used in the sauna steam room, even a low toxin level may give rise to symptoms.

The test will detect the following toxins: MC-LR, dm-MC-LR, MC-RR, dm-MC-RR, MC-LA, MC-LY, MC-LF, MC-YR, MC-WR, MC-LW, Nod-R.

The product has been developed in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and the University of Turku, and it is sold under license granted by the University of Turku under patent application WO2017109290.

Product numbers 
BGT01-S (3 pcs/package)
BGT02-S (1 pcs/package)

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