Zeolite (clinoptilolite) 5mm – 9mm granules.

AMM-CHECK Zeolite Ammonia Removal for Ponds
AMM-CHECK Zeolite Ammonia Removal for Ponds

Zeolite provides a quick and efficient method of removing toxic ammonia and many other pollutants from aquariums and ponds.

What is zeolite: Zeolite is a natural volcanic material that adsorbes many chemicals to its surface due to its negative charge. It can be used in similar ways to activated carbon by placing in filter bags, filter canisters etc.

Zeolite can improve water quality, colour and odour in your freshwater aquarium or pond.


Quality, re-chargable, natural filter media and molecular sieve material for:

  • The rapid reduction of toxic ammonia spiking in freshwater fish tanks and ponds.
  • The effective reduction of nutrients that can lead to excessive growth of algae and biofilm
  • The removal of residual medication after treating fish.
  • The removal of unwanted colour in water.


Instructions for use:

  • Rinse the zeolite with clean water before initial use.
  • Only use on freshwater systems. Not suitable for marine or brackish water systems.
  • Place the zeolite into the filter bag and place into the filtration system or in the water flow.
  • Check the ammonia levels before and during use. When the ammonia removal rate starts to reduce, remove the zeolite and recharge the contents (instructions below) before replacing in the system.
  • Remove the zeolite before applying water treatment or fish medications.



  • Not suitable for marine or brackish water systems
  • Do not medicate fish or add water treatment to the system before removing the zeolite, as the zeolite may quickly absorb the applied chemicals.
  • Do not add salt or salt based treatment to the water before removing the zeolite, sa this may release the ammonia and other contaminants that have been adsorbed onto the zeolite media.
  • We do not recommend the long term use of zeolite as some nutrients should be left in the system to ensure that the populations of cycling bacteria remain active within the system.
  • Not for consumption.

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Ammonia Removal for ponds using AMM_Check Zeolite