Aeration kits and accessories

These kits are excellent for destratification, aeration and circulation of pond, lakes and lagoons. Where larger lakes require aeration, several systems can be deployed. The kits come in 100/litres per min or 200/litres per min options.

Norres diffuser/ Hiblow lake aeration kit

Norres Fine Bubble Air Diffusers

Norres tube membrane air diffuser - aeration

Norres Fine Bubble Air Diffusers are rugged and reliable and suitable for many industrial and fisheries aeration applications.

  • high energy savings when compared with comparative, market standard EPDM and silicone diffusors due to the much lower pressure loss
  • extremely long lifetime and no curing due to the membrane not including a plasticizer
  • very wide operating range: normal operation: 3-8, minimum 1, maximum 15 and purging operation 18Nm³/h (h*maer.)
  • comparatively high oxygen input and oxygen transfer efficiency even with low density systems
  • very fine and uniform bubble formation due to an optimized perforation
  • easily and quickly fitted
  • extremely tear-resistant and abrasion-proof (mechanical strength around 2.5-4 times that of most of the EPDM and silicone materials)
  • very good resistance to waste water and municipal sewerage in accordance with the latest instructions DWA-M 115
  • microbe and hydrolysis resistant
  • good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
  • conforms to RoHS guideline