Aeration and Circulation Equipment

Pond Aeration Systems Uk

One of our main focuses at AWE Environmental Services is the design and supply of efficient and cost effective aeration systems to our customers. Aeration systems are often the main component of a waste or water treatment system as well as being a key component of aquaculture and drinking water production operations. Effective aeration can make the difference between the success or failure of an aerobic centered biological treatment system and inefficient aeration can lead to prohibitive running costs.

We have designed several innovative aeration systems to fulfill certain criteria, including reasonable purchase and running costs, improved bubble delivery to maximise oxygen transfer potential, low powering requirements allowing for off-grid solar PV running and the ability to monitor and operate using SMART technology. To complement our in-house aeration products, we also deal in a range of related aeration products and accessories from other manufacturers.

Other aeration products we sell include bubble diffusers, tube diffusers, aeration pipe, in-line venturi aeration, oxygen generators, air pumps, aerating fountains and solar powered aeration systems etc.

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