Water Quality Analysis

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Analytical Services

We can offer the following analytical services:
• On site water sampling
• In-situ analysis for limited water quality parameters (using lab quality field analytical equipment).
• Lab analysis and reporting from a UKAS certified laboratory (fixed and bespoke suites)
• Laboratory speciation analysis of algae and cyanobacteria

On site water sampling

Our services include one-off or regular, scheduled sampling of water bodies. Sampling can be carried out from the bankside or open water. Please contact us directly to discuss this option.

In-situ analysis

We can carry out on-site analysis of water samples as per customer requirements. This analysis is carried out using professional grade water quality analysis Test parameters include the following:
• Dissolved oxygen
• pH
• Temperature
• Electrical conductivity
• Total dissolved solids
• Ammonia
• Nitrate
• Nitrite
• Phosphate
• Turbidity
• Hardness
• Alkalinity
• etc

Please contact us directly to discuss this option.


Lab analysis

We have partnered with one of the UK’s leading environmental testing laboratories to offer our customers a range of set analytical or bespoke analysis suites.

Please refer to prices and suite parameters in the shop section, or contact us to discuss bespoke suites.


Algal speciation

Through our lab partners, we are also able to provide speciation where total and individual species of green algae and cyanobacteria (blue green algae) and identified to species and quantified. Chlorophyll a is also reported as part of this suite.


Although we do not offer an analytical service to identify and quantify cyanotoxins, we do offer rapid field test kits for cyanobacterial hepatotoxins through our shop. Please have a look at “BlueGreenTest” for further details.