Ultrasonic Algae Control Kent – Bewl Water Kent

Week starting March 1st 2021:

With two projects booked into the week, it was an early Monday morning start to drive down to Bewl water in Kent for the Installation of three solar-powered Sonicsolution quattro DB ultrasonic units. This will be the third continuous season of ultrasonic treatment which has successfully kept algae at bay to keep the recreational facilities and aqua park open to the public.

The new AWE designed solar floating array design meant the deployment of three units only took 90 minutes from arriving at site.

Ultrasonic Algae Control Kent

With a satisfied on-site client, the units were deployed into the water body.


With Bewl completed, it was onto a historically important private estate on the Isle of Sheppey for our monthly treatment of their lake.

AWE utilized Aquaclean ACF-SC bacterial inoculant to biologically digest the substantial organic fraction content of the substrate. To assist with this digestion process a boat mounted substrate agitation system and two subsurface aeration systems were installed.

To aid with the removal of mineral content in the substrate AWE will use silt trap matting, dewatering and recirculating equipment during future monthly visits.

With this visit complete we are looking forward to repeating work and more contacts in the South East.

Ultrasonic Algae Control Kent and all over the UK.

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