Terrastop Premium (Terrasilt GR180) silt fence

£232.50 inc V.A.T.


Terrastop™ Premium is a special, high quality, permeable, technical filter fabric for stormwater surface runoff pollution management. Terrastop™ can be installed as an entrenched vertical entrapment fence, and is designed to intercept and detain stormwater run-off, trapping harmful silt through settlement and filtration before it leaves the site.

Many construction, forestry and farming activities result in disturbed or bare ground that is vulnerable to weather erosion. The silt laden run-off, plus site debris and other pollutants, often contaminates surrounding land, rivers, streams, lakes and drains – resulting in significant environmental diffuse pollution and potentially costly fines.

Terrastop Premiem (Terrasilt GR180) silt fence, high performance and CE Mark certified.

Roll size 0.75m x 100.00m.


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