PRO2AIR Membrane tube diffuser – 1070mm

£88.00 inc V.A.T.


Length 1070mm – 50-130l/min air-flow

The unique Norres PRO2AIR Pre-PUR 601 Polyurethane membrane fine bubble tube diffusers are perfect for fine bubble aeration within various applications:-

Domestic Sewage Treatment Aeration
Municipal & Industrial Sewage Treatment Aeration
Oxygen for nitrification in activation basins
Lake & Pond Aeration
Odour Control
Koi, Aquaculture & Fish-farming
Medical Drying Cabinets

Product Features:-

Lower back-pressure compared to equivalent EPDM & Silicon units
Subsequent savings on blower size & blower lifetime
up to 25% reduced energy usage
Extremely long lifetime – retains its original material characteristics over time
Free from softeners & halogens
Microbe & Hydrolysis resistant
less susceptible to Calcium Carbonate deposits
Tear resistant & abrasion-proof
Optimised flow properties
Fine & uniform bubble formation
Easy opening slits
Non hardening slits
Easy clean (20% Acetic Acid)
High Purge pressure
Suitable for Waste Water Treatment


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