The Mezzo – DB ultrasonic algae and biofilm control system

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The Mezzo – DB ultrasonic algae and biofilm control system is a new addition to the UK market. It has bi-directional sound output, operating in two bandwidths to better control green and blue green algae. This means that one unit has a control range of up to 150 meters bi-directionally from the device green algae and diatoms. If the problem is blue green algae, then this unit will give a coverage range of up to 400 meters bi-directionally from the device. 

The Mezzo-DB ultrasonic algae control system gives an ecologically safe and efficient way to control algae and biofilm growth.

Applications for the Mezzo-DB:

  • Small to medium sized lakes
  • Waste water treatment lagoons, as well as leachate storage lagoons
  • Irrigation basins
  • Clarifiers and sedimentation basins
  • UV chambers
  • Distribution water tanks
  • Ponds and pools
  • Freshwater and marine aquaculture (to reduce off-flavour)


Powered by:

  • Solar powering options are available (eg. land or floating pontoon based systems).
  • Power supply systems available as 240vAC (50 or 60 Hz compatible) or 24 vDC.
  • Each power supply can support up to two ultrasonic units, thereby reducing initial outlay.



  • 1000+ distinct frequencies span multiple bandwidths to give 2024 frequencies per 34 minute cycle.
  • Energy efficient and low cost use (peak wattage of 25 w).
  • Cable lengths of up to 300 metres are available.
  • The system comes with a float and marker flag, therefore it is less prone to damage by use
  • The Mezzo – DB uses compensating circuitry to make up fo any voltage drop experienced in the cable run.

General Information

The Mezzo-DB unit comes with a 5 meter cable between the power supply to the transducer unit as standard, although the cable can be purchased in lengths to suit the end user’s requirement.

Please note that all ultrasonic units work on a “line of sight” basis and therefore cannot control algae that is shaded from the signal.


Help and advice

Contact us if you need help with working out how many units your system would need and where to site them. We can design a layout for you using google earth and other mapping packages. We can also advise you on how best to use the systems and supply a suggested layout plan as a free service.


To use this service please email site postcode, a description of the waterbody (line of sight issues, use, aquatic plant stands, water input and output, contact details etc)  via or contact form

As the cables connecting the power supply to the transducer are available in various lengths, we ask that customers contact us for a price.


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